Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zeph the IT Expert

Look at Zeph the IT expert.  He is showing Phillip and Robert how to get into the music page.  Using laptops and computers in the centres is a very exciting thing.  Many children have access to the IT technology at home and therefore enjoy using the computers.  Like we see here Zeph is able to use his knowledge to show his little friends how to use this technology without the help of the teacher.  It does not only give them the opportunity to show off their talents but they are able to converse with other children and the children seem to understand much better when they are told by someone their own age.

1 comment:

  1. I am in Hawaii and I was reading this blog and it was interesting to see that children this young are being able to use their talents to gain the interest of other children. E manaia lea foi galuega mo tamaiti ona ose mea e fiafia tele ai latou. E manaia foi pea fa'apea e mafai e tou faiaoga ona latou faia i luga o le upega internet ni interactive programmes for children around the world who are Samoan's e le iai ni latou aoga amata i le tatou lava gagana.